All Classes and Interfaces

Main class for performing database access operations.
Builder used to construct instances of Database.
Allows specification of alternate column names for resultset mapping.
Thrown when an error occurs when interacting with a Database.
Identifies different types of databases, which allows for special platform-specific handling.
Basic implementation of InstanceProvider.
Basic implementation of PreparedStatementBinder.
Basic implementation of ResultSetMapper.
Basic implementation of StatementLogger which logs via java.util.logging.
Contract for a factory that creates instances given a type.
Contract for binding parameters to SQL prepared statements.
Contract for mapping a ResultSet row to a different type.
Represents a transactional operation capable of returning a value.
Represents a SQL statement and an identifier for it.
Data that represents a SQL statement.
Builder used to construct instances of StatementContext.
A collection of SQL statement execution diagnostics.
Builder used to construct instances of StatementLog.
Contract for handling database statement log events.
Represents a database transaction.
Represents an operation performed with a transactional context.
Strategies for database locking during transactional operations.
Indicates whether a transaction was committed or rolled back.