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Core Concepts

Error Handling

Checked exceptions are an important feature of Java, but were a design misstep as implemented in JDBC.

Pyranid will instead throw a runtime DatabaseException when errors occur. Often this will wrap the checked java.sql.SQLException.

Practical Application

Here we detect if a specific constraint was violated by examining DatabaseException. We then handle that case specially by rolling back to a known-good savepoint.

// Gives someone at most one big award
database.transaction(() -> {
  Transaction transaction = database.currentTransaction().get();
  Savepoint savepoint = transaction.createSavepoint();

  try {
    // We don't want to give someone the same award twice!
    // Let the DBMS worry about constraint checking to avoid race conditions
      INSERT INTO account_award
      (account_id, award_type) 
      VALUES (?,?)
    """, accountId, AwardType.BIG);
  } catch(DatabaseException e) {
    // Detect a unique constraint violation and gracefully continue on.
    if("account_award_unique_idx".equals(e.getConstraint().orElse(null)) {
      out.printf("The %s award was already given to account ID %s\n", 
        AwardType.BIG, accountId); 
      // Puts transaction back in good state 
      // (prior to constraint violation)
    } else {      
      // There must have been some other problem, bubble out
      throw e;


Exception Properties

For convenience, DatabaseException exposes additional properties, which are populated if provided by the underlying java.sql.SQLException:

  • errorCode (optional)
  • sqlState (optional)

For PostgreSQL, the following properties are also available:

  • column (optional)
  • constraint (optional)
  • datatype (optional)
  • detail (optional)
  • file (optional)
  • hint (optional)
  • internalPosition (optional)
  • internalQuery (optional)
  • line (optional)
  • dbmsMessage (optional)
  • position (optional)
  • routine (optional)
  • schema (optional)
  • severity (optional)
  • table (optional)
  • where (optional)

Similar extended property support for Oracle and MySQL is planned.

ResultSet Mapping